Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Clown!

     The title for this post comes with special meaning.  A lot of my guilty pleasure snacks have spicy chili powder on or in them and, because I usually use so much of the chili powder (usually the spiciest available), my lips get puffy and red!  So worth it, though.  I haven't posted in a couple days, partially because I haven't cooked in the past two days, and partially because I haven't had much spare time.  I have a few extra minutes before heading off to bed to read some for an online class I am taking, so I thought I would post a little ditty about some of my guilty pleasures:)

1) Garbanzo beans!  Roasted in the shell garbanzo beans (chickpeas) with freshly squeezed lime juice and chili powder.
2) Grilled corn on the cob, also with lime juice and chili powder.
3) Steamed corn on the cob smeared with mayo, chili powder, and sprinkled with fresh parmesan.
4) Fresh baked, thin cut potato chips with Valentina hot sauce and a little salt.
5) Baked tostadas with melted mozzarella on top and Valentina hot sauce.
6) Homemade pretzel bark.  Melted dark chocolate mixed with crushed salted pretzels, then poured onto a flat surface and cooled to form "bark."
7) Fresh popped buttered popcorn with chili powder sprinkled all over.
8) Sliced jicama and cucumbers with lime juice and chili powder and just a little salt.

     I try to eat well as much as possible, but every now and then, it feels so good to give into indulgence!

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