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I loooove me some good breakfast food.  Especially a good egg meal!  I have eggs for breakfast at least 5 times a week.  Most of the time it is just egg whites...or 1 yolk and 2 my cholesterol doesn't get out of control.  There are some recipes, though, that just require the whole of both eggs:)  This is one of them.  And this recipe has one of my other favorite foods...CHEESE.  Glorious, gooey, flavorful, sent from the gods CHEESE!

I give you:

What you will need:
2 pieces of sandwich bread (I only use wheat or multigrain, but any kind is fine)
2 eggs
1 1/2 TBS butter or margarine
3 oz shredded cheese (or 3 slices of cheese)
Salt for seasoning
Chili powder (optional, but I always use it)
Large mouthed shot glass or small jar lid
Spatula (the thinner, the better.  A cookie spatula works best)
Flat top grill (which is what I use), nonstick pan, or cast iron pan

1) Start by heating your pan or flat top on low-medium heat for about 3 or 4 minutes.
2) While that is heating up, you can cut the centers out of each piece of bread with your "circle" of choice.

3) When the centers are cut out and your pan/flat top is heated, put 1 TBL of butter in it to melt, then add the slices of bread...and the cutouts for a special little treat:)

4) Let the bread get to a very light golden brown on the bottoms, then crack an egg in the center of each slice, then season with salt (and chili powder if desired!).

5) Let the egg cook just enough that you can easily pick up the slice of bread with your thin spatula without the egg falling out of the bottom.  This will take about a minute and a half to two minutes depending on the heat.
6) Once ready, very carefully flip the slices of bread over (including the little circle cutouts) being careful not to let the egg yolk fall too out of place!

7) Add the cheese to the top of all the bread.  If using slices, add 1 slice to each slice of bread and half of the third slice to each circle cutout.  If using shredded, 1 oz per slice of bread, and a half oz per cutout.

8) Once the bread has browned slightly and the egg is just barely cooked enough that you can slide the spatula under it (about two minutes at the most), put one slice of bread on top of the other, cheese sides together (and don't forget those cutouts).  Cook the sandwich for a minute or two, then flip and cook the other side.  Hint: if you don't want a really runny egg, cook for an extra minute or two on each side.

9) Remove from heat and let rest for about a minute.  You can slice it or eat it as is.  Use your hands or a fork and knife. Any way, it's pure yumminess!!!

And my son LOVES when I make this for myself because he gets the cutout grilled cheese part:)

EXTRAS...I have also added extras to this sandwich, depending on my mood.
1) I like adding a thin slice of tomato to each slice of bread right after putting the cheese on.
2) Sliced grilled zucchini is also really good added when the cheese is added.
3) Caramelize about 2 TBS of chopped onion and use that butter to cook the bread and put the onion on when you add the cheese.
4) If you want meat, you can add bacon (turkey or pork), ham (turkey or pork), or even some thin sliced steak.  I don't eat red meat and only eat other meat once every couple of weeks, so I actually add "fried" tofu sometimes!
Be creative and make it your own. 

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