Monday, May 30, 2011

Las Cazuelas

The town where I live in Mexico (Comonfort, GTO) is pretty small, and I am the only gringa who lives here. There are less than 68,000 people in the 485.90 square kilometers that make up this town.  There are a couple of little restaurants that I like, but one in particular that is my favorite.

This little restaurant only has 8 tables and is run out of the lower half of the owners house.  Elsa.  Elsa is one of the sweetest ladies I have met and Benjamin (my son) always runs in and gives her a huge hug whenever we get there. 


You can see her husband sitting at a table in the back right corner.  He is really sweet, too, and always has good conversations with my husband when we are there.  He is the "money" man and always gets the drink orders whenever customers come in.  He just had some health issues having to do with diabetes, but is now on the fast track to recovery:)

Anyway...the inside of the restaurant is quaint and has plastic tables and chairs, as most of the "house" restaurants and stands do.  They have table umbrellas for most of the tables.  Mostly for decor, but also for shade during the earlier part of the day since the ceiling is a Plexiglas type of material and lets in the sun.  All the tables have placemats and two cute little wine bottles on them.  Some have table cloths, others don't.  There is one long table set up for larger groups or families that come in.  It is situated on a level that is a step higher than the rest of the place.

 There are many wonderful dishes on the menu, but Elsa usually has on "off the menu" item that my husband usually gets.  Tonight was chicken mole, one of my husbands favorite dishes.  I think that is what he gets every time she has it.  The mole sauce usually has a pretty good kick to it, and the texture is always mole perfect!  When I ate meat, mole was a nice escape from the usual chicken dishes, and sometimes I miss it.  It is a messy dish, but well worth the it:)

I use to love her Milanesa.  That is a very thin pan fried piece of chicken.  She also makes a wonderful Cordon Bleu that melts in your mouth and has the best aroma.  Since my appetite for land creatures has dwindled significantly in the past 8 months, I only eat meat (only white meat, never red) once every couple of weeks.  I am now absolutely in love with her Camarones Empanizados (fried shrimp).  She makes this wonderful breading that has poppy seeds in it and slowly pan fries the baby shrimp.  The dish is supposed to come with rice and beans, but I get a special plate...because Elsa is so wonderful and caters to my needs and wants.  I get it with rice and shredded lettuce, and vegetables if she has them (most restaurants like this do not have vegetables except for pico de gallo or onions and tomatoes).  She also put some fried potatoes on my plate, which looked amazing, but I did not eat for two reasons.  One, that was just another starch I did not need in addition to the rice, and two, they had pork mixed in with them.  The plate looked gorgeous and the food was delicious!!!

My son loves her chicken burritos which are made with shredded chicken and refried beans, but he is also a huge fan of quesadillas.  Especially Sincronizadas.  Sincronizadas are a special kind of quesadilla which has a little bit of mayonnaise on the inside of the tortillas and are layered with ham and queso Oaxaca.  Sometimes he will eat the entire quesadilla, but most of the time he takes them apart and just eats the goodness inside.  Either way, he's always happy when he sees Elsa walking over to the table with his food:)

Overall, I give Las Cazuelas a 10 out of 10.  We never all get our food at the same time, and the seating is not the most comfortable, but Elsa makes our visit special every time we go...which is usually every couple of weeks.  My son will also tell us sometimes, "I wanna go see Elsa!"  When you find a little gem like this cozy little restaurant, and your 3 year old likes it, you take advantage of it whenever you can:)  I am so glad we found this place when we first moved here almost 4 years ago. 

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